FBR introduces online electronic hearing of tax audits and assessment cases

FBR Introduces Online Electronic Hearing of Tax Audits Assessments

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched the software of electronic hearing of tax audit and assessment cases to facilitate the taxpayers. This activated by enabling and fictionalizing the e-Hearings module in the Iris.

The module enables online hearing both form the dedicated hearing rooms established in the field formations and from the places of the taxpayers. Such e-Hearings will available recorded and archived for further legal and administrative utilization.

In the first phase, the module launched and tested in LTO Islamabad, RTO Rawalpindi, RTO Faisalabad and RTO Peshawar wherein online e-Hearings through the dedicated e-Hearing Rooms and from the places of the taxpayers, have been enabled. In the second phase, such e-Hearings will ope-rationalize for all the remaining field formations as well.

FBR directed all the Chief Commissioners IR to install e-Hearing Rooms in their respective field offices. FBR directed to complete it by 31st May, 2021. The module will allow the head office to join any hearing at any time. Hearing will be without any prior notice for an administrative appraisal of the system.

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FBR further informed that with the introduction of the e-Hearing module. The taxpayers will no longer require to visit the offices for hearings. Such physical hearings in the offices of the officers would be replaced with online completely. No physical hearings available with effect from 1st July, 2021 in any of the field formations. All hearings will through the e-Hearing module.

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