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FBR NTN Verification by CNIC

Online NTN Verification by CNIC | How to Check NTN Number? | NTN Inquiry | NTN Verification

If you want to check National Tax Number (NTN) by using CNIC Number then follow the below method:

Provide your “Registration No” in the registration field. (Number Provided by FBR while taxpayer’s registration of National Taxation Number (NTN).

  • Provide your “CNIC” in the CNIC field.
  • Provide captcha against the “Captcha” field.
  • Providing information click the “Submit” button.
  • You will get all the details of taxpayer
  • Here, Reference number is taxpayer’ NTN number

Ntn Verification Questions and Answers

Q: What is Online NTN Verification?

A: Online NTN Verification is the process of verification of online NTN from the Federal Board of Revenue.

Q: What is NTN?

A: NTN stands for National Tax Number.

Q: Who’s the authority in the custody of the file of Online NTN Verification?

Federal Board of Revenue is the authority to maintain documentation of the online NTN Verification.

Q: How much time required for online NTN Registration?

For issuance of NTN of individual taxpayer, online registration facility is there on FBR portal, and you can register it in an online session. In case of NTN issuance of partnership and private limited company the same procedure you can adopt to register with FBR when their registration with registrar of firms and SECP completes.

Q: How many types of online NTN are available?

There are three types of online NTN:

  • Personal NTN. FBR issues this type of NTN on the CNIC of the person by using FBR’s online NTN verification system. FBR issues / register it to salaried individual or business individual.
  • Association of individuals (AOP) / Partnership: This kind of online NTN is provided to the affiliation of individuals. Affiliation of individuals is the partnership between partners of at least two. It is issued on the registration certificates of the AOP.
  • Company’s NTN: This type of online NTN is issued to the company. It is issued on the registration certificates of the registration issued from the Securities and is also verified through FBR’s online NTN verification system.
Last date to file annual income tax return in Pakistan with Federal Board of Revenue the premier tax authority in the country.

What are the tasks to the holder of NTN?

The main duty of the NTN holder is to file their annual income tax returns within due dates with the Federal Board of Revenue.
The last date of return filing in case of particular Person having NTN is 30th September of every year and in the case of companies end of September and December relying on the year-end of the company.

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