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How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan?

  • Go to Localbitcoins official website and create a free account on it.
  • See the traders who are selling bitcoins, just look for the traders with good feedback.
  • Enter the bitcoins you want to buy and transfer the money in his or her local bank account.
  • After receiving the payment, the trader will release the bitcoins.

Nowadays, everyone talks about investing in cryptocurrency and how investing in crypto will make you rich in days. The thing is people don’t know that digital currencies experienced many ups and downs in the last few years. Moreover, investing in crypto isn’t risk-free as well. Want to know how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? Make sure you read the whole article. We have every piece of information that you might need.

One digital currency which experienced crazy fluctuations in value in the last few years is Bitcoin. However, we will discuss these fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin later in the article.

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

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Many people in Pakistan search about Bitcoin and how they can buy it. Firstly people search about how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. Secondly, they search for different digital currencies wallets. Thirdly and most importantly they ask about how they can trade Bitcoins in Pakistan.

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These are some of the questions which people ask and there aren’t any definite answers to these questions available on the internet.

Therefore we will try to answer all these questions and will also try to guide you about the safer ways to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. In this article, we will also try to give all the relevant information regarding blockchain. However, first, we will discuss what cryptocurrency is and which cryptocurrency you can buy.


digital or virtual currency which is protected by cryptography is called cryptocurrency. Due to this cryptography, no one can forge cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies are distributed networks which are based on Blockchain technology. The main thing about cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central bank or authority which makes it immune to government interference.

An image of cryptocurrencies

Types of Cryptocurrency

There are different types of cryptocurrencies available in the world right now. However, Bitcoin is still the most valuable digital currency in the world. All these digital currencies have different specifications and functions.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Litecoin
  3. Peercoin
  4. Ethereum
  5. Cardano
  6. Ripple

These are some of the popular cryptocurrencies available in the world.

This is the image of different virtual coins or cryptocurrency.


When we defined cryptocurrency we said it is based on blockchain technology and you all are wondering what blockchain is? Don’t worry we will explain blockchain too.

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Blockchain is a growing list of records called as blocks which are connected using cryptography. It is kind of digital ledger which stores the record of the transaction between two parties. Blockchain is efficient and verified system. Moreover, it does not allow to modify data. In simple words, it is an open and distributed digital ledger which you cannot modify.

Image of the banner of of blockchain technology.

As we mentioned above there are some other cryptocurrencies available in the world but Bitcoin is the most valuable and important to people all around the world. So we will focus only on Bitcoin. Here are some of the things you should know before jumping to the procedure of buying Bitcoin in Pakistan.


As we have discussed all the details about cryptocurrency and blockchain, now we will discuss the main thing for which you all are here for “Bitcoin”.

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Bitcoin is one of the first and most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world right now. In 2017, Bitcoin experienced skyrocketing price increase. Now 1 Bitcoin is equal to 1,446,470.09 Pakistani Rupee. There are different wallet apps you can use to store Bitcoins. Most people in Pakistan have an interest in Bitcoin only so we will tell about the different ways to buy Bitcoin and how much risk is involved in it.

Image of bitcoin's logo.

Is it Legal to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan?

On April 2018, State Bank of Pakistan banned all cryptocurrencies. They ordered all banks and monetary service providers to block all transactions of cryptocurrency. So it is not legal to buy Bitcoins in Pakistan but still, people are investing in Bitcoin. Therefore, investing in Bitcoin is not risk-free and you can get caught if you are trading Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Screenshot of the site


To sum up, the trading of Bitcoin is still going on in Pakistan. Moreover, people are still investing in it after knowing the risks involved in Bitcoin dealing. If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin in Pakistan then you should keep in mind the repercussions of it. We tried to discuss all things related to Bitcoin and we hope all your queries regarding Bitcoin are answered in this article.

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