Thursday, 30 March 2023

FBR Banned Transfers, Postings & Leaves during 4th Quarter

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has banned the transfer, posting and leaves of officers and personnel of Inland Revenue field formations during the fourth quarter (From April to June) of 2020-21.

On Tuesday, as per the FBR guidelines issued to all IR offices. Despite this fact it has been observed with concern. That IR field formations applied for leave approval including ex-Pakistan leave and transfer / posting. The fourth quarter of the current financial year is about to begin. The entire tax machinery needs to intensify its efforts. To achieve the revenue targets assigned to it with full commitment and dedication.

In view of the above, employees now cannot forward applications. For transfer and posting and ex-Pakistan leaves to the Board through the relevant field formations till June 30, 2021. Similarly, the FBR will not allow the local holiday and other types freely during the fourth quarter of the 2021. Only due to special circumstances inform to the head office and permission will only grant in light of difficult circumstances.

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