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Apple IPhone X Import and PTA TAX in Pakistan

Apple IPhone X is a device launched in Pakistan. The official price of iphone X is 144999 Rupees. The Apple IPhone X price in the country is more then $1,081/- which includes 20% custom duty tax levied by PTA as part the new system of registering your devices in order to be able to operate them in Pakistan.

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How IPhone X Tax is Calculated?

There is a PKR 250/- fixed custom duty on IPhone X with an additional 20% Regulatory Duty tax which is based on the price of the mobile in US dollars and it amounts to PKR 29000/-. There is also a fixed sales tax of PKR 1500/- on Apple IPhone X, with 3% additional sales tax which is PKR 4350/-. The IT duty is 9% of the mobile price which is PKR 13050/- and 0.9% provincial tax of PKR 1305/- . Then there is PKR 5000/- mobile levy charges on the phone according to its prices in PKR.

Apple IPhone X Price In Pakistan
Price in PakistanRs. 144,999
Customs DutyPKR 250 Fixed
Regulatory DutyPKR 29000
Sales TaxPKR 1500
Additional Sales Tax – 3% FixedPKR 4350
IT Duty 9%PKR 13050
Mobile LevyPKR 5000
Provincial Tax 0.9%PKR 1305
Total TaxPKR 54455

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.

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