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How to Apply for Temporary Work Visa In Dubai 2023? and what is UAE one mission visa?

How to Apply for Temporary Work Visa In Dubai 2023?

How to Apply for Temporary Work Visa In Dubai 2023?

How to Apply for Temporary Work Visa In Dubai 2023?. Dubai this time is hub of investment and business opportunities. Everyone wants to visit UAE who is interested in business and tourism activities there.

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Government of UAE is always doing efforts to make visit easier, especially for short term visitors for there assignments and other activities.

What is UAE One Mission Visa?

One Mission Visa as the name indicates is a visa type which is issued to those who need to come UAE for a particular job or assignment during a specific and limited period of time.

So UAE One Mission Visa will be issued to those persons of other country who will come for a temporary job for a short period of time.

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How to Apply for UAE One Mission Visa?

The one-mission visa application procedure is carried out by the recruiting companies via the Ministry Of Human Resources & Emiratization (MOHRE).

What Documents are Required for applying UAE One Mission Visa?

Following documents are required to apply for the One Mission Visa:

  • Copy of Company’s trade license
  • Applicants Photograph
  • Passport (original passport has to be submitted for the medical test)
  • Educational certificate of the Applicant
  • Valid establishment card (company or employer)
  • e-signature card

Cost of UAE One Mission Visa

Following is the list of fees for applying One Mission Visa:

  • Fee of a UAE one-mission work permit can be between Dhs500 to Dhs600
  • Application Fee for a mission visa is Dhs100
  • Deposit of Dhs3,000 also required

What is the Validity period of One Mission Visa?

Here you must note that UAE One Mission Visa validity is for a period of 90 days only.

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