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What is the Visa Airport Companion Program?

What is the Visa Airport Companion Program?

What is the Visa Airport Companion Program?

What is the Visa Airport Companion Program? Here we will provide you information about the Visa Airport Companion program which is eligible for Visa cardholders. They can sign-up and access airport lounges in different countries and is available in:

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  • 140 countries
  • 450+ international airports
  • 1000+ airport lounges
  • 1000+ airport restaurants

What benefits are available from Visa Airport Companion Program?

Through Visa airport companion program, you can access benefits of:

  • privileges and discounts available at airport lounges, restaurant and retails
  • private Wi-Fi network
  • and airport transportation service

DragonPass is the provider of benefits and services of this program.

To whom Visa Airport Companion program is available?

These benefits and services are available only to the following:

  • holders of Visa Platinum,
  • Visa Infinite and
  • Visa Signature cards issued in the countries of Latin America and Caribbean (excluding Venezuela),
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How to access the Visa Airport Companion Program Application?

You need to follow the steps given below to access the mobile application related to Visa Airport Companion Program:

  • You have to download the mobile application named “Visa Airport Companion” (the “App”),
  • then register yourself and accept its terms and conditions
  • but the benefits and services available through the App may be subject to restrictions
  • these restrictions may vary by country and issuer

It must be noted that Visa is not the provider of any of such benefits and services. Moreover, DragonPass holds sole responsibility for them and the App.

For any further terms, conditions and restrictions you are referred to the information provided in the App.

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