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When to File Taxes 2023 in Pakistan and what is the last date to file tax return

When to File Taxes 2023 in Pakistan?

When to File Taxes 2023 in Pakistan?

When to File Taxes 2023 in Pakistan? Here is a piece of great news for taxpayers in Pakistan the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started to accept tax year 2023 tax returns. Now, you can submit your tax return for tax year 2023 without waiting for the deadline. The tax year 2023 tax returns started a week ago on 1st July 2023 on the FBR Iris portal.

What is the Due Date for Income Tax Returns?

What is the Due Date for Income Tax Returns? Taxpayers have to file their annual income tax returns every year without skipping anyone. Every year this task is required to perform before the last date to file tax returns. As per tax laws of Pakistan if you do not file tax returns within the due date then you become an inactive tax filer with FBR. Then to become a tax filer you have to file a tax return as well as pay of penalty for coming in the active taxpayers list (ATL).

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We are discussing the last date to file tax returns in Pakistan in 2023. The following schedule describes the due dates for taxpayers.

There are three types of taxpayers according to their legal form:

  • Salaried Class
  • Individual and Sole Proprietorship businesses
  • Firm, Partnership business, and Association of Persons (AOPs)
  • Company registered with SECP (it may be Private, Public, Listed, Single Member Company)

Following are the due dates for filing tax returns within due date according to the type of business:

PersonDue dates
Salaried Class
Individual & Association of Person (AOP)
On or before 30th September
CompanyOn or before 31st December
Company having a special tax yearOn or before 30th September

What is the Penalty for an Active Tax filer (ATL)?

What is the Penalty for an Active Tax filer (ATL)? Following is the list of penalty which is required to pay along with the submission of an annual income tax return for becoming an active tax filer with FBR.

  • for Salaried Persons and Individual businesses, the penalty is Rs1,000
  • for Partnership Business and Association of Persons (AOPs), the penalty is Rs10,000
  • for Public/Private Limited Companies penalty is Rs20,000
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Once you have submitted your tax return then you need to pay this penalty for active tax filer with FBR.

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