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IRS refund status

How to get IRS refund status ?

For getting information regarding the IRS refund status, you must have information regarding the following ?

  • Social Security Number
  • Filing Status
  • Refund Amount

What is Social Security Number ? For checking IRS refund status !

Taxpayer must enter the SSN or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Which mentioned on taxpayer’s tax return.

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What is Income Tax Return Filing Status ? For checking IRS refund status !

Taxpayers income tax return filing status can be any of the following.

  • Single 
  • Married-Filing Joint Return 
  • Married-Filing Separate Return 
  • Head of Household 
  • Qualifying Widow(er)
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What is refund amount ? For checking IRS refund status !

For the purpose of receiving correct and timely response, you have to enter exact and correct amount of refund in dollars. The amount of refund shown on the taxpayers’s tax return.

  • If you filed a Form 1040, the Refund Amount shown on Line 21a.
  • When you filed a Form 1040NR, the Refund Amount shown on Line 73a.
  • If you filed a Form 1040NR-EZ, the Refund Amount shown on Line 23a.
  • In case you filed a Form 1040PR, the Refund Amount shown on Line 13a.
  • If you filed a Form 1040SS, the Refund Amount shown on Line 13a.
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How long it takes to receive status of refund on IRS ?

If you have submitted online application, then it will take 24 Hours to provide the status of refund. If application has been submitted manually on paper then it can take 4 weeks to update the refund status in IRS.

What is the quickest was to get refund issued in IRS ?

The quickest way to get refund amount issued on IRS is to apply online instead of manually on application.

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