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FBR fired the officer for dishonesty

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has finally fired an officer from the civil service on charges of “inefficiency and misconduct”, which will help to resolve the more than 100 pending cases.

The FBR‘s dismissal orders said, “The competent authority, after considering all the aspects and matters related to this case, has decided to impose a heavy dismissal sentence on Dr. Sajid Hussain Arain.”

Dr Sajid Hussain Arain

Dr Sajid Hussain Arain, was a Grade 19 officer in the Inland Revenue Service and has been fired more than once in the past for integrity issues. He was last posted as Chief FBR Headquarters in Karachi. This is the second time Arain has been fired. Earlier, he had sought relief from the tribunal.

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FBR Member Administration Muhammad Bakhtiar was the competent officer in the matter. According to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, on August 29, 2018, Tanvir Malik, the then Director General of Taxes, expanded Arain, calling Arain “a serious criminal and a disgrace to Pakistan’s civil service.” Malik also said that “Arain also issued bogus tax returns and was part of a gang.”

Pending Corruption cases in FBR

The Standing Committee had raised the issue of corruption pending in the FBR for years. As of November 2015, about 180 FBR officers had faced inquiries under the Work and Discipline Rules, 1973. His case is pending due to alleged support he received from the FBR. In most cases, allegations of corruption and incompetence have been made against these officials.

Some of them have received stay orders. Prime Minister Imran Khan had vowed to eradicate corruption in the FBR, but the Board of Revenue has not been able to make progress on these issues. FBR spokesman Syed Nadeem Rizvi said about 124 inquiries are currently underway against officers working in grades 17 to 21. Another FBR official said two more cases of officers serving in grades 18 and 19 ready to decide in the next two weeks. Until recently, the FBR’s drive for integrity was limited to lower-level staff.

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According to sources, some senior officers working at the FBR headquarters are still working to protect Karachi-based officers, who have serious financial integrity issues. FBR documents show that the authorities initiated disciplinary action against Arain on charges of “incompetence” and “corruption” in compliance with the directions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Inquiry Report

The FBR submitted an inquiry report on December 14, 2020. With the findings that the accused found guilty of incompetence and corruption. Based on the inquiry report, a show cause notice issued to the officer on January 12, 2021. Where Instructing him to show the reasons within 14 days of receipt. As to why the “dismissal” was so severe, including multiple fines under the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973.”

The officer submitted his response to the show cause notice on 26 January 2021. Where he denying the allegations against him. He seeking an opportunity for a private hearing, which then provided by the competent officer on 11 February 2021.

After examining the case record, the officer’s written response, which includes a response to the show cause notice and the search for an inquiry officer, recommended that the officer-in-charge impose a hefty fine of “dismissal” in accordance with dismissal orders. Arain will have the right to appeal to the Appellate Authority under the Civil Servants (Appeals) Rules 1977 within a period of 30 days.


How can i complain against corruption in Pakistan ?

Citizens can use FBR website to file a complaint. They can also send an email at to file a complaint. Citizens can lodge complaint via post to “Second Secretary (IMC), Room 505, Constitution Avenue, FBR house , Islamabad”.

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How do I complain to FBR?

FBR Helpline through phone (051-111-772-772) and email (, plus complaints lodged through the website (

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