Saturday, 25 March 2023

HBL launches first Personal Finance Manager Solution powered by Hysab Kytab

HBL has teamed up with Hysab Kytab to launch the first comprehensive Personal Finance Manager (PFM) solution offered by any bank in Pakistan for the first time. Hysab Kytab’s PFM (Budgeting) tool has been integrated into HBL Mobile and will enable all app users to control their financial well-being.

Vaqar ul Islam, founder of Hysab Kytab and director of Jaffer Group of Companies. Said, “Going live with HBL is a major milestone. Hysab Kytab is a PFM born in Pakistan. I thank HBL for trusting and selecting it for their own digital platform. This is the kind of support that our local banks can offer to help Pakistan’s FinTech industry to grow and provide solutions for the local requirements.”

Vaqar ul Islam | Founder of Hysab & Kytab , Director | Jaffer Group of Companies

Commenting on the partnership, Abrar Mir, Chief Digital, Innovation and Financial Inclusion at HBL, said. “This partnership with Hysab Kytab is a pivotal step in providing our mobile banking users with a holistic view of their finances. It will empower them to make sound financial decisions. HBL continues to deliver innovative banking solutions. This PFM will act as a key differentiator in the internet and mobile banking services.”

Abrar Mir | Chief Digital | Innovation & Financial Inclusion at HBL

Hysab Kytab App Financial Tool

In the first phase of launch, HBL mobile app users will be able to add other features. Like record and track expenses, create budgets in different categories, plan and track savings goals.


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