Thursday, 1 December 2022

FBR removes tax officials despite resistance from tax machinery

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has dismissed 29 officials from civil service on charges of inefficiency and misconduct. These dismissals have been done in the past one year. The officials dismissed includes seven officers. FBR’s these actions faced a lot resistance from within the tax machinery against this cleansing move. “Tribune News paper” revealed the story.

Federal Board of Revenue, have faced a lot criticism against it’s corruption elimination steps from tax machinery from lower staff to high ranked officials. This criticism have been faced a lot from inside the tax authority.

This FBR’s move previously limited to only the low-grade employees. But from last year onward FBR has finally targeted high-ranked officials also despite resistance from within the headquarters, according to media reports.

As per data revealed, FBR had dismissed 29 officials from service. These include one grade-20 officer, two grade-19 officers, four grade-18 officers and 15 grade-16 officials, according to the official record. There are about 156 disciplinary cases that have been pending for years. One dismissal case in grade 21, five in grade 20, nine in grade 19, 10 in grade 18, 11 in grade 17 and 120 in grade 16 are pending for final decision.

Action of Federal Tax Ombudsmen

Due to complaints of “malpractices with corrupt motives”, the federal tax ombudsmen FTO office already taken a suo motu notice and launched a probe to determine as to why FBR’s three field offices failing the prime minister and the nation in the recovery of presumably $200 billion stashed abroad. Prime Minister Imran Khan had already promised to recover the $200 billion worth of looted money.

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