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WeBOC is a web-based computerized clearance system, providing end to end automated customs clearance of import and export goods. The system was developed jointly by the Pakistan Customs and PRAL, and was first implemented on trial basis at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. Subsequently, WeBOC was further rolled out at other terminals and customs stations.

Presently WEBOC has over 45,000 registered users i.e. businesses, government departments (Anti-Narcotic Force, Engineering Development Board, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Climate Change, Railways, Income Tax Department, Provincial Motor Registering Authorities, Commercial Banks etc).

Presently, 30% import consignments are cleared immediately (Green channel – without any intervention), 49% on the basis of uploaded documents (Yellow channel) and 21% (Red channel – deemed high-risk goods). Importantly the system has brought about uniformity in customs clearances across the country.

Its modules include Goods Declaration, Warehousing and module to handle Break-bulk, modules to handle Commercial Transit cargo for Afghanistan, Manufacturing Bonds, Reverse Transit and Clearances from Border Customs Stations.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Weboc

  • Paperless system —- On-line manifest filing and Online payments
  • 24/7 GD filing (web-based)
  • Risk Management System (Green, Yellow, Red channels)
  • Transparency (No surprises for trade, Less interaction with the Customs)
  • All customs processes performed online by customs staff
  • Communication with the custodians of goods/port authorities through EDI
  • Online communication with traders and clearing agents
  • Examinations reduced from 100% to 30%
  • Importer’s representative / clearing agent presence not required
  • Assessment based on examination reports and images
  • First-in, First-out (FIFO) based assessment scheme
  • Online adjudication process
  • Online decision support tools for customs and trade
  • Stricter controls and checks (complete log of all activities)
  • Less demurrages, less clearing/handling charges.
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