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PTBA highlights issues in ATL

PTBA highlighted issues in Active Taxpayer List

Pakistan Tax Bar Association highlighted some issues regarding Active Taxpayer List for the Tax Year 2020 issued on March 1st, 2021 by Federal Board of Revenue. Letter forwarded by PTBA to Chairman FBR regarding the matter.

Manually Submitted Tax Returns

According to Pakistan Tax Bar Association, many tax bars and Tax Consultants across the Pakistan have brought in to the notice that there are huge number of taxpayers who have submitted their income tax returns for the tax year 2020 manually within due date but the Active taxpayer status of those taxpayers still have not been updated on IRIS by the concerned Regional Tax Offices.

Extensions Allowed in Filing Tax Returns

Furthermore, on the last date for filling of income tax returns. Those taxpayers who applied for extension in time for filling of income tax returns. As such powers vested with Chief Commissioners / Commissioners and direction also issued by the Board to all RTOs to decide such applications; wherein, number of application were decided by granting extension of time for filling of income tax returns for Tax Year 2020 but taxpayers have not been updated in newly issued Active Taxpayer List of 2020.

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Active Status of Corporate Sector

Furthermore, number of Companies /AOP/ Individuals also filed extension applications. But same are still pending in outbox. Even after approval and filling of returns the status of said companies is still inactive.

Special Tax Year

That, the income tax returns of Companies / AOP/ Individuals having special tax year. With different date of filling have filed their returns in their respective times. But the status of these special year taxpayer is also not updated in the Active Taxpayer List. PTBA requested to FBR to immediate update the status of these taxpayers as active by revising Active Taxpayer List.

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