FBR launched Maloomat TaxRayApp: Signed MoU with NADRA: Acquired all data of filers & non-filers


FBR claimed that it has acquired all information related to incomes, expenses and assets of filers & non-filers.

FBR has acquired all authentic information of all filers and non-filers, which include:

1 million filers

1 million filers claiming to have non-taxable income but evidence to the contrary exists.

More than 3.5 million NTN holders

More than 3.5 million NTN holders required under law to file annual income tax returns are failing to do so.

7.4 million individuals with tax deductions

7.4 million individuals whose withholding tax is being deducted, but they fail to file income tax returns as required under tax laws.

Over 50,000 registered companies not filing tax returns

Over 100,000 registered companies but more than 50,000 are not filing there annual income tax returns as required under tax laws.

105,000 sales tax registration holders with non filer status

105,000 sales tax registration holders who do not file their tax returns as required under tax laws of Pakistan.


FBR launched Maloomat TaxRayApp

FBR launched the Maloomat TaxRayApp to provide authentic information. Application uploaded on the website of FBR. Application contains information about assets and withholding deductions. It will assist the taxpayers’ in filing their annual income tax returns with correct data and information.


FBR signed MoU with NADRA for real-time verification of data

In order to automate the tax collection system for the convenience of the taxpayers. The Federal Board of Revenue signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

The integration of NADRA and FBR systems will improve the FBR’s provision of quality services to taxpayers. It will help in automatically incorporating tax refunds data into withholding statements and income tax returns. Linking the data with each other will help further integration of the FBR system with other agencies. It will help to identify people who are out of the tax net or hiding their incomes and assets.


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