Saturday, 3 June 2023

Pakistani exporters trying to capture Chinese meat market

The Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) suggested. That Pakistani exporters establish closer ties with Chinese enterprises to explore the Chinese meat market.

While addressing the Pak-China Think Tank meeting. PCJCCI President Zark Khan said, “After the outbreak of Covid-19, the demand for meat increased rapidly in china, as the country moving towards halal food than their traditional foods.”

He said that Chinese farmers are not able to meet the demand for meat in the country. As very little of the Chinese land is available for livestock. “As a result, China is running out of three basic necessities: land, water and food. The country has no choice but to import meat from the international market.

At present, China importing meat from Vietnam, Brazil and Australia. In such a competitive environment, there is a huge potential for Pakistan to start producing quality meat. In order to meet the demand of the Chinese market.

He opined that Pakistan could become a leading exporter of meat to China by adopting the ‘Turkish Cattle Fitting Model’. He added that cattle grazing not going to help the country. Going to create employment opportunities. But also improve the quality and quantity of its meat.

Speaking on the occasion, PCJCCI Senior Vice President Moazzam Ghurki said. That Pakistan increased potential to enhance its exports and earn foreign exchange. By promoting high quality meat all over the world.

He said that Pakistan has the fourth largest livestock in the world with 180 million animals (growing 4.2% annually). “More than four dozen breeds of sheep and goats that helped make Pakistan the second largest producer of goat meat.”


Pakistani exporters urged to tap China’s meat market

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