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FBR issues procedure for cash back refunds of sales tax to customers of Tier-1 retailers

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued procedure for cash back of sales tax amount @5% (five percent) to customers. Paid at the time of purchase from Tier-1 retailers. SRO 1339(I)/2020 issued by FBR, dated December 16, 2020 to make amendment in Sales Tax Rules, 2006.

Procedures for getting cash back of sales tax @ 5% on tier-1 retailers

(1) All customers of Tier-1 retailers are entitled to refund @5 percent of the sales tax paid as cash back on purchases made from Teir-1 retailers.

(2) Under sub-rule (1) the cash back through online, the customer have to log on to the mobile application.

(3) After log on under sub-rule (2), a FBR wallet account shall be created for every eligible customer.

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(4) Allowed / approved outlets may also create FBR wallet account for every customer.

(5) on the same pattern FBR wallet account shall create for every point of sale by the approved outlet.

(6) Customer can verify the authenticity of the electronically generated invoice by using the mobile application.

(7) When invoice is verified, the system shall automatically calculate the sale tax @5 percent amount already paid on the invoice.

(8) Then customer will able to transfer the amount of 5% sales tax determined under sub-rule (7) into his FBR wallet account.

(9) The customer may refund the amount within one month of his purchases. Which accumulated in his FBR wallet account on any approved outlet. Who shall refund the amount accumulated in the wallet account of the customer. After confirming that the amount transferred from the customer’s wallet account to the approved outlets wallet account.

(10) The tier-1 approved outlet then may adjust the amount which was refunded to the customer. It will automatically upload from the approved outlet’s wallet account to the sales tax return of the approved outlet. For the related tax month / period by auto adjusting the output tax liability.

sro 1339 cash back sales tax refund - 1
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