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Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check and Prize Bond Schedule 2022
Prize Bonds List Online Check

Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check

Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check

Prize bond is a type of investment in Pakistan. A large population consider it a safe investment due to it’s control in the hands of Government of Pakistan. Central Directorate of National Savings in Pakistan is responsible for Prize Bond draws and issuance of Prize Bond Schedules and it’s other matters. Investment in Prize Bonds has many advantages like:

  • Easy to Invest
  • Easy to Encash
  • Winning Prizes
  • More chances of winning prize
  • Profit on Premium Prize Bonds
  • Small Investment
  • It’s a bearer Investment (Only Premium Prize bond is issued by Name)
  • It can be used just like currency also
  • Helps to control money laundering
  • Government deducts tax on winning prize (tax collections)
  • Investment backed by Government

People also prioritize it over other type of investments due to it’s winning prizes. Draw of every Prize bond is held after every 3 months. Prize bonds are issued with different values. Now a days prize bonds are issued with following values:

  • 100 Rupees Prize Bond
  • 200 Rupees Prize Bond
  • 750 Rupees Prize Bond
  • 1500 Rupees Prize Bond
  • 25000 Rupees Premium Prize Bond
  • 40,000 Rupees Premium Prize Bond
Prize bond Schedule 2022 and prize bond draw list. Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022

You can buy Prize bonds easily and encashed in any quantity at all field offices of SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank), offices of National Saving Centers, and designated branches of all commercial banks. All the Prize Bond Schedule 2022 information is stated here:

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Rs. 750/-17 January 2022MondayPeshawar
Rs. 100/-15 February 2022TuesdayHyderabad
Rs. 1500/-15 February 2022TuesdayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 40,000/-10 March 2022ThursdayQuetta
Rs. 25,000/-10 March 2022ThursdayRawalpindi
Rs. 200/-15 March 2022TuesdayLahore
Rs. 750/-15 April 2022FridayKarachi
Rs. 1500/-16 May 2022MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 100/-16 May 2022MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 40,000/-10 June 2022FridayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 25,000/-10 June 2022FridayHyderabad
Rs. 200/-15 June 2022WednesdayMultan
Rs. 750/-15 July 2022FridayLahore
Rs. 1500/-15 August 2022MondayPeshawar
Rs. 100/-15 August 2022MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 40,000/-12 September 2022MondayKarachi
Rs. 25,000/-12 September 2022MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 200/-15 September 2022ThursdayHyderabad
Rs. 750/-17 October 2022MondayQuetta
Rs. 1500/-15 November 2022TuesdayKarachi
Rs. 100/-15 November 2022TuesdayRawalpindi
Rs. 40,000/-12 December 2022MondayMultan 
Rs. 25,000/-12 December 2022MondayLahore
Rs. 200/-15 December 2022ThursdayFaisalabad

Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check

Everyone can here check prize bond draws winners list issued on day of their draws. List of winners is as per issued by Directorate of National Savings. You can check and download it here.

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Check / Download Prize Bond Draws – Click Here

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