Friday, 19 August 2022

US dollar inflated by 4 paisa

Lahore: The US dollar is four paise more expensive against the rupee

During the second day of this week, the value of US dollar once again increased by four paise.

According to the details, the global economy is in a negative trend due to the corona virus, in which the Pakistani rupee is facing a continuous decline. A few days ago, the rupee appreciated against China’s financial assistance to Pakistan, but now the dollar is appreciating again.

According to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan’s social networking site Twitter, the US dollar rose four paise in the interbank market, after which the new value of the US currency against the rupee was Rs 166.63 to 166.67 paise.

It may be recalled that the US dollar had appreciated by 28 paise on the previous day. However, in the open market, the US dollar remained stable at Rs 167.


It may be recalled that during the first trading day of last week, the dollar had gone up by 51 paise and the new value of the US currency had reached Rs 166.72.

During the second trading day, the dollar rose by 23 paise. After which the new value of the dollar was 166.95 rupees.

During the third trading day, the dollar depreciated by 19 paise, the new value of the US dollar against the rupee fell from 166.95 to 166.76 paise.

During the fourth trading day, the US currency depreciated by 18 paise to 166.58 paise.

During the fifth trading day, the dollar fell by 23 paise to 166.58 rupees to 166.35 rupees.



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