Tuesday, 28 May 2024
Taxes increased on computers laptops

Government Increased taxes on computers, laptops and their accessories

The government has increased taxes on computers, laptops and their accessories at a time when people desperately need these equipment for ‘Work from Home”, “Educations and Learning” and to meet the needs of post Covid-19 era.

According to a notice issued by the Director General of Customs Valuation, Karachi earlier this week, a duty of $ 70-150 per piece has been imposed on used imported laptops while tax on CPUs has been imposed at $25-$60 per piece.

Shabbir Mansha Chora, head of the customs committee of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), told the Express Tribune: “This is a bad decision that has hurt the country’s education, health and business sectors.”

Shabbir Mansha

Customs officials announced new prices for old and used computer systems, laptops, printers, accessories and all original items. It is pertinent to mention here that sales of technical gadgets have increased over the past year in the wake of the Covid-19.

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He said the government has repeatedly claimed that it would be easier to do business in the country. But the latest move would hurt traders badly. The CPU, which has a starting price of Rs 3,000. It will be available for Rs 10,000 after the imposition of duty. Laptops, which used to start at Rs 8,000-10,000, will no longer be available for less than Rs 20,000.

He announced that the traders affected by the imposition of duty would challenge the decision in the High Court. People who imported these devices would help them develop more sophisticated tech products. They will help in creating jobs, pay income tax and grow the economy.

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