How to Pay FBR Income Tax and Sales Tax through Online Banking

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken initiative to pay income tax, sales tax, customs duty and excise duty online through internet banking, mobile banking and ATM. It is 24/7 facility provided to pay customs duties, taxes and other dues electronically from his bank account through internet banking, ATMs or bank’s mobile applications.

Step by Step Procedure for Online Payment of Taxes

Step 1: Create PSID Tax Challan from FBR’s Website

  1. Log into FBR’s efile system by using the same credentials you used to log into Iris.
  2. After logging, access the e-Payments tab. 
  3. In the e-Payments tab, access Create Payment and
  4. Then select an appropriate option from Income Tax Annual Return/ Sales Tax/ Federal excise etc.
  5. A payment slip ID (PSID) will be created by: 
  6. Selecting the relevant Tax Year / tax period
  7. Typing the Tax amount due
  8. Selecting the mode of payment (select ADC to pay online)
  9. Selecting the relevant section of payment of tax
  10. This will create your e-Payment slip (PSID). 
  11. Select the City for List of Banks for Payment of Tax
  12. Then Click the print button to download the PSID.
  13. Now, You can deposit the tax amount by using PSID online or by physically visiting your bank branch.

Step 2: Online Payment of Taxes through Internet Banking or ATM

  1. Log in to the online/ internet/ mobile banking system of your bank or visit ATM facility.
  2. Go to the Bill Payment section and select “FBR” as a biller.
  3. Enter PSID number generated by Iris system.
  4. After entering PSID number, the payment details shall be visible to the taxpayer for approval of the payment of taxes.
  5. Upon confirmation, the bank account of the taxpayer shall be debited and a message of the successful transaction shall be sent.
  6. The payment is provisionally authorized after confirmation from the taxpayer.
  7. Within 03 hours of confirmation, the payment will be marked as paid.
  8. A computerized payment receipt (CPR) will be provided to the taxpayer through e-mail and confirmation message sent on SMS.
  9. CPR can also be downloaded from FBR system / website for use.

How to Make Tax Payments through ATMs

You can make tax payments through ATMs of many major banks. Here is the procedure for Standard Chartered Bank.

Follow these steps to make the payment through Bank’s ATM:

  • Go to Main Menu >
  • Bill Payment >
  • Tax Company >
  • FBR e-Payment.
  • Insert your Payment Slip ID (PSID) Number in the field
  • Check the Payment details on screen
  • After your satisfaction now proceed with the payment request.

Tax Payment through Bank Branches – Over the Counter (OTC)

FBR dues can be deposited Over the Counter by visiting your bank branch. 

  • Provide the system generated FBR tax challan containing a PSID number, along with the amount and other relevant particulars. 
  • In addition to the challan form, the depositor shall be required to present Bank’s prescribed deposit slip, duly filled and signed by the depositor.
  • The title of the beneficiary on the deposit slip must be mentioned as “Federal Board of Revenue”.

List of FBR’s ADC enabled Banks

List of ADC enabled banks for Payment of taxes via online banking in Pakistan

List of banks, on which this facility of online tax payment is available, is as under.

Bank NameAutomated Teller Machine (ATM)Internet Banking (Retail)Internet Banking (Corporate)Mobile App/USSDOver The Counter
Askari BankYesYesNoYesYes
Bank AlfalahYesYesYesYesYes
Meezan BankYesYesYesYesYes
National Bank of PakistanNoNoNoYesYes
FINCA Microfinance BankNoYesNoYesYes
Habib MetroYesYesYesYesYes
Soneri BankYesYesYesYesNo
JS BankNoYesNoNoNo
MCB BankYesYesYesYesYes
Dubai IslamicNoYesNoYesNo
Telenor Microfinance BankNoYesNoYesYes
Summit BankYesYesNoYesYes
Bank of PunjabYesYesNoYesNo
Sindh BankNoNoNoYesYes
NRSP Microfinance LimitedYesYesYesNoYes
Bank Al HabibYesYesNoYesNo
APNA Microfinance BankYesNoNoNoYes
Bank of KhyberYesNoNoNoYes
Faysal BankYesYesNoYesYes
MCB Islamic BankYesYesNoYesYes
Al BarakaYesYesNoYesYes
Silk BankYesYesNoYesYes
Bank IslamiYesYesNoYesYes
Samba BankNoYesNoNoYes
Standard Chartered BankYesyesYesYesYes
Mobilink BankNoYesNoNoYes
First Women BankNoNoNoNoYes

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