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Countdown begins for FBR lucky draw 15 July 2022
FBR POS Lucky Draw

FBR POS Lucky Draw Today 15 July 2022

FBR POS Lucky Draw Today 15 July 2022

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) draws it’s lucky draw of Point of Sales (POS) Prize Scheme on 15th of every month for the previous month’s Sales Tax Invoices verified by the buyers of goods.

Last month, 6th Lucky Draw of this POS Prize Scheme held in Karachi. Where about 54 million worth prizes announced to buyers of goods at point of sales integrated with FBR.

Every Person can participate in this FBR Lucky Draw by verifying it’s sales tax invoice on Tax Asaan App or by sending message at 9966.

FBR sends confirmation message after verification of invoice and then includes in FBR POS lucky draw.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) communicated via tweet on Thursday, “Countdown begins for the 7th POS Computerised Ballot to announce 1007 lucky winners of prizes worth 53 Million on July 15,2022 (Friday) at Peshawar. The ceremony will go live on FBR’s social media platforms at 6.30 pm sharp. Stay tuned, please!”

7th Point of Sales (POS) lucky draw was held at Peshawar to announce 1007 lucky winners. Download / check the list of winners here:

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Download List of Winners Here

How to participate and apply in fbr prize scheme and invoice verification. FBR POS Lucky Draw Today 15 July 2022.

How To Register for FBR’s Lucky Draw / Prize Scheme

There is a very simple way to Register FBR Lucky Draw.

  • Buy anything from POS Retailer Shop / Super Store / Any Shop
  • You will get a printed slip
  • Type in Your SMS as: INV(space)CNIC(space)FBR Invoice Number
  • Send it to 9966
  • You will receive back confirmation message either (Verified or not verified)

How To Verify FBR Point of Sales (POS) Invoice Slip for Prize Scheme

People can also verify FBR POS Invoice Slip and send an entry in the FBR Lucky Draw by following the process as;

  • Download the Tax Asaan App from the Play Store
  • Click on the Verify Invoice
  • Scan QR Code
  • Or Enter FBR Inv Number
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FBR POS Lucky Draw Today 15 July 2022

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