Monday, 15 April 2024
NADRA Launched RAHBAR Mobile Application

How to Download RAHBAR Mobile Application Developed by NADRA

How to Download RAHBAR Mobile Application Developed by NADRA

How to Download RAHBAR Mobile Application Developed by NADRA. NADRA has recently developed a very beneficial mobile application named, “RAHBAR“. This App has been launched to guide the citizens of Pakistan regarding their nearest NADRA registration offices.

Features of RAHBAR Mobile Application

If I download this mobile App then it will provide me the information regarding the following:

  • NADRA registration offices near me
  • Timing of NADRA Registration offices near me
  • Approximate wait time in Queue
  • Address of NADRA Offices near me
  • Phone Number of NADRA offices near me
  • NADRA Center Type
  • People in Queue (Approximately)
  • It provides you with real-time data about NADRA offices near me
  • List of all NADRA offices in Pakistan
  • Directions of all NADRA offices in Pakistan
  • List of Featured Cities with NADRA Details
  • RAHBAR App is available both in English and URDU Version
  • You can easily download it from Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store
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Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik Informed about RAHBAR Mobile Application

NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik informed us about this Mobile app, He said:

Citizens residing in Pakistan were unable to know about the location of NADRA centres that best suit their vicinity. With Rahbar, the citizens can now make a well-informed decision about visiting any NADRA centre, keeping in view the location, distance, number of applicants-in-waiting, and average processing time through their mobile phones.

There is no sign-up required as the app takes you straight into the main menu without asking for any information.

How to Download RAHBAR Mobile Application Developed by NADRA.

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