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All you need to know about Cheapest car in Pakistan
What a Car Prices in Pakistan

All you need to know about Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

All you need to know about Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

All you need to know about Cheapest Cars in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the countries where the auto sector is growing day by day. The automotive industry is producing all types of vehicles and it is developing with time. It is a very good thing that we should more rely on the local auto industry instead of importing costly vehicles.

On import of vehicles, we have to pay heavy taxes and a lot of foreign exchange is used for this purpose. We can hope that in future our auto products will develop and we will able to export our vehicles. This will also help to minimize the reliance on imported vehicles and a lot of foreign exchange can be saved.

At this high inflation time, everyone is willing to buy the cheapest car. New and used vehicles have become more expensive that the common man cannot think to buy them. Even, automakers in Pakistan have tried their best in near future to give relief in heavy prices.

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Different Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

After an increase in prices, everyone is aiming to buy the cheapest car available in Pakistan. Let us discuss the options available in Pakistan:

Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl car features, specifications and price.

Some of the features of the Prince Pearl car are as follows:

  • Little hatchback
  • most affordable vehicles on the local market
  • Prince Pearl is powered by a 3 cylinders SOHC 12 Valves Engine with an engine displacement of 796 cc.
  • The SOHC 12 Valves can boast the engine up to 40 hp @ 5500 RPM horsepower with 60 Nm @ 3500 RPM torque.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 27 liters and it averages approx. 20 Km/L in city and 22 Km/L on highways.
  • Prince Pearl transmission/gears are Manual/4 Speed.
  • Minimum Turning Radius for Prince Pearl is approx. 4.5 meters.

Before the increase in prices, Regal Automobiles was renowned for having one of the most economical cars in Pakistan. However, this time its entry-level vehicle is now almost Rs1,749,000 (as per Regal Auto Mobiles’ official website).

Suzuki Alto VX

Suzuki Alto VX specifications, features and price.

Some of the features of the Suzuki Alto VX car are as follows:

  • engine power of 39 hp @ 6500 RPM with 3 Cylinders
  • top speed is 140 KM/H,
  • each Cylinders of this model has 5 speed Manual transmission.
  • Suzuki Alto VX uses MPi Petrol fuel system.
  • The break system is Front: Solid Disc, Rear: Drums
  • it is a 5 door vehicle.
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In Pakistan Suzuki Alto VX (Manual Transmission) is a very good choice under economical car listings. This product is manufactured by Suzuki which is a renowned automaker in Pakistan. This variant is one of the most affordable at less than Rs1.8 million.

Alto is currently available for Rs1,699,000 (as per Suzuki’s official website).

United Alpha

United Alpha car features, specifications and price.

Some of the features of the United Alpha car are as follows:

  • United Alpha 2021 1.0 Manual has engine power of 68 hp @ 0 RPM with 4 Cylinders
  • top speed is 130 KM/H,
  • each Cylinders of this model has 5 speed Manual transmission.
  • This vehicle has Petrol suspension and has Rack & Pinion Steering Type.
  • United Alpha 2021 1.0 Manual uses MPi Petrol fuel system.
  • Ventilated break system
  • Disc/Drum and
  • a 4 door vehicle.

United Alpha, a product of United Motors Pvt Limited. This company is producing quality products at very affordable prices in Pakistan. Last but not least, the United Alpha, which has a 1000cc engine and costs Rs1,769,000 (as per the company’s official website), is the least expensive car in the Pakistani market.

Even though the price of this vehicle is incomparable, potential buyers may evaluate the Alpha’s resale value and parts availability.

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In the Pakistani auto market, the above cars are excellent choices for those who are looking for the cheapest vehicle in Pakistan.

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