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How to Order Online Food Near Me
Foods Near Me

How to Order Online Food Near Me

How to Order Online Food Near Me

How to Order Online Food Near Me. Everyone in this world loves to eat. I always want to taste new foods and dishes in restaurants near me. Here we will guide you on how to use online food ordering apps of different online restaurants near us.

Online Food Ordering Apps Near Me in Pakistan

We have found the following well-known online mobile apps that provide food services.

Food Panda

Food Panda is the best choice for ordering online foods in Pakistan. They offer fast delivery, deals & discounts & the best list of restaurants. You can access it online here to order online foods.


If you want to order online your Food items, Grocery items, Books, Beauty Products & a lot of other items then Cheetay is also your best choice in Pakistan. Cheetay is very good at the swift delivery of food and other items. You can access it here and also order via Cheetay Mobile App.

There are also some other apps that are free, the list is here below:

  • McDonald’s
  • KFC Pakistan
  • Cheezious
  • Savour Foods
  • Broadway Pizza Official
  • Dominos Pakistan
  • OPTP Official Delivery App
  • Pizza Max
  • McDelivery Pakistan
  • Byte Online Food Delivery
  • Talabat Food & Groceries
  • Uber Eats
  • Dunkin Pk
  • Jawa

Steps to Order Food Online

Yes, it is easy to order food near me online without going outside by using my own fuel. But you can use this facility only if you have followed the below steps:

  • Search the Mobile App of the relevant online food delivery provider from your mobile (Google Play in case of Android and App Store in case of IOS)
  • After you have searched now download it
  • Sign up yourself in Mobile App (by providing your all required information)
  • After you have signed up, now login by providing your ID and Password or through your email provided already, and in some cases may be through your mobile Number also.
  • Search online from App for the food you want from the restaurants near you
  • Pick the food you want & quantity
  • Add to Cart
  • Choose the payment mode (Cash on Delivery or Online Payment)
  • Correctly enter the location where to deliver
  • Now Submit your order
  • After submitting the order the information of Rider will be available (time to deliver, location, etc)
  • The rider will contact you when he will pick up your order and reach your location

Note: The steps have been given by considering the procedure which is normally followed in the majority of Mobile Apps.

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