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40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List Online Check | 12 June 2023
Prize Bonds List Online Check

40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List Online Check | 12 June 2023

40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List Online Check | 12 June 2023

40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List Online Check | 12 June 2023. It’s important to note that while prize bonds offer potential benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone. It’s advisable to carefully evaluate your investment goals and risk tolerance and compare them with different investment opportunities. Consulting with a financial advisor can also provide personalized guidance based on your specific financial situation.

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Why is Investment in Prize Bonds Preferred in Pakistan?

Investment in prize bonds highly preferred in Pakistan for several reasons:

1. Government-backed:

Government of Pakistan, issues prize bonds. Which gives them a sense of security and reliability. Investors trust that the government will honor the bonds and the associated prize money.

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2. Low Risk:

Compared to other investment options, prize bonds are considered relatively low risk. The principal amount invested in prize bonds is secure and can be cashed at any time. Even if the bond does not win a prize, the original investment remains intact.

3. Potential for High Returns:

Prize bonds offer the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes through regular draws. While the odds of winning a significant prize are relatively low, there is still a chance to earn a substantial return on the investment.

4. Liquidity:

Prize bonds are highly liquid, meaning they can be easily bought or sold in the secondary market. This provides investors with flexibility and the option to cash out their bonds whenever they need the funds.

5. Fixed-Tax Winnings:

The prize money won through prize bonds is generally based on fixed tax in Pakistan. For filers of tax returns, the rate of tax is low and for non-tax filers it’s high. This is an attractive feature for investors as it allows them to keep the amount of the prize with fixed tax deductions.

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40000 and 25000 Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2023 Online Check

Following is the schedule of premium prize bonds of Rs25000 and Rs40000:

Rs 40000
Rs 25000
10-03-2023 FridayMultanHyderabad
12-06-2023 MondayMuzaffarabadFaisalabad
11-09-2023 MondayQuettaSialkot
11-12-2023 MondayKarachiRawalpindi

First, Second & Third Prize of 40000 Premium Prize Bond

Following is the list of three prizes against this premium prize bond of Rs40000:

  • The first prize will get by one lucky winner of Rs80,000,000,
  • while three prizes of Rs30,000,000 each are reserved for the second position holders.
  • Similarly, the third prize of Rs500,000 – is awarded to each of the 660 lucky winners.

Today 40000 Prize Bond Draw List Online Check

Tomorrow prize bond draw of Rs40000 No 25th which was held on 12th June 2023 (Monday) at Muzaffarabad city. Draw results are available here:


Check Online Prize Bonds Draws List 2022 and 2023

Check here the prize bond list for years 2022 and 2023 for previous and current draws held during the year:

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You can check the previous results of prize bond draws here by clicking the relevant link given above.

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