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ATL for tax year 2020 to be published on 1st March, 2021

Federal Board of Revenue will issue a list of active tax payers for the tax year 2020 on March 1, 2021 under Rule 81B of the Income Tax Rules 2002. At present ATL based on the income tax returns filed for the tax year 2019. The active taxpayer list is the central online record of income tax return of filers for the previous tax year. The ATL is issued on March 1 of each financial year and is valid until the last date of February of the next financial year.

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Benefits of joining Active Taxpayer List

There are many benefits to joining ATL. Individuals who are on ATL are exempt from withholding tax on cash withdrawals. In addition, withholding tax is also waived on payment of fees to other banking transactions and educational institutions. Tax payments or deductions on Prizes, car purchases and property sales are low.

The ATL will include the names of those who have submitted their income tax returns for the tax year 2020 in a timely manner or have submitted them within the extension given by the concerned Commissioners of Inland Revenue. Active Taxpayer List releases on a weekly basis every Sunday at 12 noon. It will also be available on the FBR website and the TaxAsaan App. To check ATL status, individuals have to enter “ATL (Space) 13-digit ID Card Number” and send a message to 9966. While the Association of Persons and Companies has to send the “ATL (Space)” Enter the NTN number and send the message to 9966.

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Individuals who have submitted their income tax returns after the due date and after extension of the date given by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue will have to pay a surcharge to join the ATL. Penalty for Companies is Rs.20,000, Rs.10,000 for Association of Persons and Rs.1,000 for individuals.


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