Thursday, 18 August 2022

NADRA biometric system for Dollar buyers is live now

The National Database and Registration Authority has activated the mandatory biometric verification of dollar buyers.

It has deployed this filter immediately despite a request by the exchange companies for an extension of the deadline for its application due to certain issues.

The State Bank of Pakistan had made biometric verification mandatory for the buying of $500 or more from the open market on 7 October in a bid to prevent dollar outflow to Afghanistan after a heavy increase in demand that destabilized the exchange rate in the open market.

Media reports claimed that millions of dollars were being smuggled to Afghanistan especially after the change of its regime. Consequently, the State Bank instructed exchange companies to biometrically verify currency sales in dollars by 22 October.

A letter was sent to the State Bank of Pakistan to extend the deadline, and the Chairman of the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, Malik Bostan said,

We have written a request letter to the State Bank for extending the deadline since the technical solution for biometric is necessary before the application of this restriction.

However, the request was denied, and the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) biometric system for US Dollar buyers is live now.

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