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Iris FBR is going for its maintenance schedule today schedule issued

Today Iris FBR is going to update it’s System

Today Iris FBR is going to update it’s System

Federal Board of Revenue is a premier organization for management of tax system in Pakistan. FBR has some portals for this purpose like, , FBR Maloomat and Iris FBR portal. Iris FBR is it’s main portal of tax collection agency in Pakistan.

Issues in Iris FBR Portal

In last few years many issues were highlighted especially in accessing FBR portal for submission of tax returns. These issues were highlighted mainly in last days of filing tax returns when due dates are near. This is because when financial year ends and all taxpayers move towards filing their annual Income Tax Returns and Iris FBR system goes down.

FBR has considered this issue important and decided to upgrade it’s system for smooth functioning of it’s Iris FBR portal.

Press Release regarding Today Iris FBR is going to update it’s System

Yesterday, FBR issued a press release where it informed about maintenance schedule of it’s Iris Portal. FBR informed that, “the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is all set to upgrade its key IRIS system in order to improve its operation, enhance its security, and add a new Graphic User Interface (GUI).”

Iris FBR is going for its maintenance schedule today. Today Iris FBR is going to update it's System.

Iris FBR Maintenance Schedule

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) also explained about maintenance schedule time of FBR portal, ” It is to inform that during this upgradation process, the services of IRIS System will be temporarily unavailable from 10 PM on 6th August to 10 AM on 7th August 2022. Therefore, the inconvenience is regretted.”

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FBR‘s Portal will unavailable to use from today 10 PM on 6th August to 10 AM on 7th August 2022.

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