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How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online

How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online

LESCO Bill is issued by Lahore Electricity Supply Company against electricity consumed by LESCO connection holders on the monthly basis. LESCO is electricity supplier in Lahore region. LESCO provides facility to check online / view and even download in PDF to LESCO Bill Duplicate.

Area covered by LESCO

Lahore Electric Supply Company is an electric distribution company that supplies electricity to the following districts of Lahore:

Electricity price in Pakistan Includes:

Electricity cost in Pakistan includes the following:

Electric Supply Company Charges

  1. Cost of Units Consumed as per unit rate
  2. Meter rent (not applicable to everyone)
  3. Service rent (not applicable to everyone)
  4. Fuel Price Adjustment
  5. C Surcharge
  6. R Surcharge
  7. QTR Tarrif ADJ/DMC

Government Charges

  1. Electricity Duty
  2. TV Fee
  3. General Sales Tax (GST)
  4. Income Tax

You can check duplicate LESCO Bill online by using bill reference number or customer ID number given on your electricity bill.

How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online.

Methods – How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online

Here we will describe you step by step procedure that how you can check and then download LESCO Bill Duplicate online. There are two methods to check it:

  • By using LESCO main website ( )
  • Through LESCO’s CCMS system
Step by step procedure to check LESCO bill online and download duplicate. How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online.

Step by Step Procedure – How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online – Through

  • Visit Lesco Department Website – Click Here,
  • Click on tab “Customer Bill
  • a new window will open (now you can check Lesco Duplicate Bill online by Reference number and Customer ID),
  • There are two options, “View / Download Bill” and “Customer Menu”,
  • If you click on the “Customer Menu”
  • In the next screen, You can see 1-  Consumption & Payment History, 2- Account Status 3- Provide New Reference Number and 4- View / Print Bill,
  • If you click on the “Account Status” then you will see your Electricity Bill details like, bill amount, due date, issue date, tax amount, amount payable after due date, payment details (if paid) etc.
  • Click on the “Consumption & Payment History“ you will see your Electricity Bill consumption details month wise in units and amount.
  • If you click on the “View / Print Bill” given on top, then you will see your LESCO Duplicate Bill having all information in it.
  • You can now download / Print the Lesco Bill there.

Method 2 – How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online

LESCO Bill duplicate can also be checked and downloaded by using one another method. Under this method we will use LESCO’s Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS). How we can access it and use for LESCO duplicate bill download. Let us check it step by step:

  • Visit LESCO CCMS website – Click Here,
  • A page will open, where there is option to enter electricity bill reference number
  • Please Provide Your Reference Number there (in it’s specific format)
  • after entering reference number now click on “Proceed” button
  • a new page will open
  • Now click on “Customer Account Menu” on that page
  • It will open a new page, showing different options, 1- View / print Bill, 2- Consumption & Payment History 3- Account status, and 4- Provide New Reference Number.
  • Here for LESCO Bill Duplicate, you will click on the “View / Print Bill
  • after clicking on “View / Print bill” it will show you complete electricity bill
  • Now you can download it as PDF file and pay the bill on bank’s cash counter or via online banking.
What is CCMS customer complaint management system. How to Check LESCO Bill Duplicate Online.

What is LESCO’s CCMS System?

CCMS stands for ‘Customer Complaint Management System‘. This facility provides to it’s valued customers to resolve many issues. Here you can do the following things:

  • Register your complaint
  • Track your complaint
  • Feeders Details
  • Customer Login
  • LESCO Bill Duplicate
  • and other things

This CCMS system has been given by the ‘Power Information Technology Company’ under Ministry of Energy – power Division.

Method to Lodge Complaint

You can lodge complain by using following three ways:

  1. Call their Contact Centre at 118 
  2. or sms at 8118
  3. Email at

List of Electricity Distribution Companies in Pakistan

The following electricity distribution companies are operating in Pakistan: – Source Wikipedia

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