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How to Check Your Bank Balance Online

How to Check Your Bank Balance Online

How to Check Your Bank Balance Online:. We often try to check bank balance of our bank account. Because we may intend to pay Loan, pay utility bills or payment of educational expenses. Sometime, after the usage of ATM card during shopping we want to check available balance in the bank account. Purpose behind the checking of balance is to reconcile the balances after junk of transactions.

On and off checking of bank balance is extremely necessary to control on the funds movement. You can take Bank balance from many sources. We sometime, use one or more than one ways to check the bank balance. Businesses use most reliable method to check bank balance as their transactions are very important for them.

Companies prepare bank status every day in first half of the day. It is prepared to plan the bank transactions according to the available balance. Sometime, available balance may be different from his account balance. It also gives accuracy to daily Bank balance report.

New Licenses to Digital Banks in Pakistan. How to Check Your Bank Balance Online.

Different Easy Steps to Check Bank Balance

Let us discuss the different ways to check the bank balance:

1. Check Bank Balance Online

It is very easy to check your bank balance. You have to access your Online Bank account Login and can check balance, or even download complete bank statement for a given period of time. You have to make your online account / Sign Up their only once and afterwards you have to login with your password.

2. Use of Mobile App for Bank Balance

You can also check online by accessing mobile App of the particular Bank. You have to only Sign Up their or some time authorization from bank is required for creation of online Mobile account. Once, account is accessed you can enjoy online banking there. In addition to information about bank balance you can also use it for many other purposes.

3. Call Your Bank for Bank Balance

It is a very traditional way to ask the bank for bank balance. Banks provide 24/7 services to provide you the information about banking services. You have to provide some information to the bank’s official for verification that you are account holder. Once, they have confirmed it they provide you the required service.

4. Visit ATM Near You

Bank Branches also provide 24/7 banking services through their network of ATMs. You have to insert ATM card in the machine and touch the tab of bank balance / mini statement request. Some banks charge for this and many are their who does not charge anything against it. Sometime, usage of ATMs in foreign countries can definitely charge you for checking of bank balance.

5. Setup Alert Notifications

You can get services from your bank for alert notifications about current bank balance. Bank also send you notifications when you deposit or withdraw any amount. Sometime, companies require to notify them on reaching bank balance on a particular balance. This way is very famous because account holder has nothing to do for taking balance from bank. Because, he has to take subscription only for such alert.

It also helps control over bank account due to any suspicious transactions. It’s a complete monitoring of bank account. You have also option to customize the alert notification according to account holder requirement.

You can also get alert notification regarding bank balance of your credit limit. When maximum amount of credit you can use with your card exceeds the threshold.

6. Ask from Teller

It is very difficult as compare to all the methods discussed above. Bankers normally do not attend the call and they are always busy persons. You can call them in your branch to ask the balance. Otherwise, you can go your bank branch and ask them face to face.

Banks normally do not charge against this service but in some areas banks deduct fees. Staff of majority of the banks is very cooperative and always ready to provide the service you.

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