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Electricity LESCO Bill Calculator

LESCO Electricity Bill Calculator | Lesco Bill Advance Income Tax Certificate Download Online

Increased usage of Air Conditioner and Home appliances is becoming a trend all over the world, so you have to aware of your electricity usage and cost. In Pakistan, LESCO Bill is measured in terms of No. of Units, meter type, and several other factors. It’s all about technical terms. You can use the LESCO Bill Calculator, also known as LESCO Bill Estimator, to estimate your monthly bill. So, let’s take a look at the technical terms.

LESCO Electricity Bill Calculator
LESCO Bill Calculator

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How to use LESCO Bill Calculator?

Here are some details of technical terms you must know before you click on the below button for the electricity bill calculator button.

Step 1: Your Connection Type

Before you start, check your connection type. If you don’t know your connection type you can get it from your LESCO bill as shown in the below image:

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Types of LESCO Type of Tariff

You can choose one of these tariffs from the first dropdown of the calculator. It is important to know which option to choose.

Types of LESCO Type of Tariff

Step 2: Phase Type

Next step is to select one of the below options:

1- Single Phase

2- Three Phase

Step 3: Units Consumed

Now you have to enter the number of units used in a month. You can enter the number of units in below three formats:

a- Kilowatt Hour (KWH)

b- Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)

c- Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)

d- You will also have these two type of unit field below each above field:

– Off-Peak

– Peak

To read more about Off-Peak and Peak hours, visit this page.

Step 4: Meter Rent

In the next field, you have to enter Meter Rent if it applies to your tariff.

Step 5: Service Rent

Same, you need to enter Service Rent if it is applicable.

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Step 6: Arears

Enter Arrears in this field.

Step 7: No. of TV sets

Now, enter the total No. of TV sets you’re using.

Step 8: Tax Exemptions

They are a few more fields that would be given. You can check or un-check them accordingly.

  • STRN Available
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • E-Tax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry

Final Words

We have provided complete details for all fields of LESCO Bill Calculator. After you’ve entered all details, press the submit button, and you will get the estimated amount of your LESCO Bill.

This electricity bill calculator usage will get you a rough idea that how much you will be charged for this month. This tool will help you to calculate the electricity cost, not taxes. Taxes are variable and depend on many factors. Taxes are calculated based on governmental decisions, surcharge calculation or any other new policy revision can also affect your monthly bill.

Therefore after calculating your bill we suggest you to wait until you get an online bill or a hard copy from LESCO. Click below link to calculate estimated LESCO bill amount.

LESCO Electricity Bill Tax Deduction Certificate / Withholding Tax Certificate under section 235

To obtain LESCO electricity bill tax deduction certificate under section 235 of income tax ordinance 2001 you have to follow the following steps:

  • Visit Lesco Department Website – Click Here,
  • Click on tab “Tax Deduction Certificate”
  • a new window will open. (If you not registered / Log In with Lesco. Then you have to sign Up / Create Login on LESCO Website ),
  • For registration, Please Click Sign Up
  • If you forgot Lesco Login & Password then Please Click Reset Password
  • If you click on Sign Up. Then In the next screen, You can see different personal details required for sign up with Lesco along with Password.. Fill it up and then click “Register”
  • You now registered / Sign Up with Lesco Website
  • Now click on the “Tax Deduction Certificate” given in Home Page of LESCO website
  • Now Login / Sign In the Lesco Website by giving “Lesco Customer ID” and provided “Password”
  • a new window will open and there will be two tabs “Tax Certificate” and “Year of Tax Certificate”
  • Provide the required tax year and click on the tab “Tax Certificate”
  • It will provide you the relevant year’s tax certificate under section 235 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
  • Now You can download / Print the “Advance Tax Certificate” there.

LESCO Bill Helpline / Contact Numbers

Chief Executive
22/A Queens Road Lahore
99204820-30, Ext: 100
General Manager Technical
General Manager Technical : 99204807
CE/Sr. Manager Planning & Dev. : 99204818
Sr. Manager Material Management : 99204842
Manager Project Construction : 99262173
Customer Services Directorate
Director Customer Services : 99204814
Manager Commercial : 99204850
Manager (S&I) : 99204798
General Manager Operation
General Manager Operation: 99204813
Senior Manager O & M (Dist) : 99204795
Senior Manager O & M (T&G) : 99204809
HR & Admin Directorate
Director HR : 99204811
Manager HR : 99204794
Director General Admin : 99205466
Finance Directorate
Director Finance : 99204816
Manager Corporate Accounting : 99204837
Manager Corporate Planning and Control : 99204845
Legal Directorate
Director Legal : 36280323
Manager Legal : 36280325

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