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Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023. Welcome to our update here regarding the prices of the latest models of Honda Bikes in Pakistan in the year 2023. We will explain to you all about the latest Honda Model 125 Price in Pakistan.

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Do you know Honda Motorcycle 125 is one of the most demanding and sold bikes in Pakistan. Such Motorcycle comes with a 125cc engine and other three different variants which are Honda CG 125 2023, Honda CG 125 Special Edition 2023, and Honda CB 125F 2023.

The below list will give you the Honda 125 Price in Pakistan and also for other variants available.

Honda CG125 2023124.1 cm3, 9.2L, 45Km/LPKR 185,900
Honda CG125 Self 2023124.1 cm3, 9.2L, 45Km/LPKR 219,500
Honda CB125F 2023124.1 cm3, 12.3L, 35Km/LPKR 283,900

Top Manufacturers of Motorcycle in Pakistan

top motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan. Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023.

Atlas Honda:

Atlas Honda Ltd is a joint venture of Atlas Group Pakistan and Honda Motor Company Japan. Its plants are situated in Sheikhupura and Karachi. Atlas Group has four motorcycle models in Pakistan, the most in use Honda CD 70, CD 100, CG 125 and the newest CG 125 Deluxe and Honda Pridor 2013.

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Suzuki Pakistan Motorcycles:

Pak Suzuki Motor Company is one of the largest car manufacturer in Pakistan. The company manufactures motorcycles also like Suzuki Raider, Sprinter ECO, Sprinter, and Suzuki GS-150. The Pak Suzuki Motorcycles Ltd, after Atlas Honda was the first to introduce Euro 2 powered motorcycles in Pakistan.

Dawood Yamaha Group:

The company is known with two names Yamaha or DYL Motorcycles in Pakistan. Manufactures models like Yamaha Dhoom, Yamaha Junoon, DYL Mini-100 and 2-stroke Yamaha YB100.

Sohrab Motorcycles:

In 1994, the first sohrab motorcycle was JS70 introduced by the company. As one of the oldest cycle manufacturers in Pakistan, Sohrab has also increased its business area to export in markets of Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Habib Motorcycles Pvt Ltd

Habib Motorcycles Pvt Ltd. The Habib Group manufactures uses best technology and export quality equipment to manufacture motorcyles. They introduced model of 70cc which is HB70.

Ghani Automobile Industries:

Ghani Automobile Industries has its plant situated in Lahore. Its product line ranges from 70cc and 100cc motorcycles to 100cc 3-wheeler motorcycle rickshaw.

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