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How to Become Active Tax filler in FBR in 2023

How to Become Active Tax filler in FBR in 2023

How to Become Active Tax filler in FBR in 2023

How to Become Active Tax filler in FBR in 2023. The active taxpayer list (ATL List) is a record of taxpayers who have submitted their annual income tax returns of previous years. It’s updated based on previous year’s submission of tax returns.

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When Active Taxpayer List (ATL) is Updated?

The active taxpayers list updates every Monday on FBR’s portal. You can check online on FBR’s website after submitting the tax return for the previous year. If the last date for submission of tax return of the previous year ended then a penalty will have to be paid for becoming an active tax filer.

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When New Active Taxpayer List (ATL) is Updated?

Every year FBR issues a new ATL list based on the latest tax year (whose deadline recently ended) as of 1st March. So, today FBR has issued a new active taxpayer list (ATL) on 1st March 2023 based on the tax year 2022.

How to include name in Active Taxpayer List (ATL)?

If anyone has not submitted a tax return for the tax year 2022, he/she first needs to submit such year’s tax return and pay off penalty of “Surcharge for ATL” afterward. Once, such tax return and penalty have been paid the active status of the taxpayer will be updated forthwith.

How much is the penalty or surcharge for ATL for becoming an active tax filer?

For example, if the status of the active tax filer is being updated then the income tax return for the tax year 2022 is to be submitted along with the penalty of:

  • Rs 1,000 in case of individual,
  • Rs 10,000 for AOPs
  • and Rs 20,000 in case of Private / public Company.

Application of Tax Year 2022 Tax Return for becoming Active tax filer with FBR

The tax year 2022 will be applicable for becoming an active tax filer up to the last day of February 2024. After that, the tax year 2023 tax return will be required to submit for becoming an active tax filer in FBR. Now, the active tax filer status will update on the submission of the tax return for the tax year 2022 along with the prescribed penalty.

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