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Pakistan Single Window Registration and subscription procedure
Pakistan Single Window PSW

All about Pakistan Single Window and step by step registration procedure

What is Pakistan Single Window (PSW) ?

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) is a newly launched trade system, which provides a facility to parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.

PSW will connect relevant government departments with each other and with economic operators like importers, exporters, customs agents, shipping agents, transporters etc, in Pakistan for efficient management of cross border trade. It will provide the ease and transparency in achieving compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, through an on-line facility, that will intelligently handle the information for each transaction without the need to provide same information more than once or to physically visit such government departments.

Pakistan will establish a world-class automated hub by 2022, offering services and creating efficiencies, to reduce cross border trade related costs, time and complications for improved trade facilitation and compliance.

Definition under ‘Pakistan Single window Act 2021’

Pakistan single window” means an information and communication technology based facility that allows persons or entities involved in trade and transport to lodge standardised information and documents with a single-entry point to fulfil import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements in Pakistan without being required to submit the same data element more than once;”

Step by step procedure for subscription with ‘Pakistan single window’

Subscription Procedure with Pakistan Single Window

Subscription Procedure with Pakistan Single Window Portal is easy and comprises the following steps:

Open the following Website of Pakistan Single Window for initiating the further steps of subscription: https://www.psw.gov.pk

First Step: Click the “Subscribe” button on the PSW Home page.

Second Step: Read the terms and conditions, accept Terms and Conditions and click on “Proceed” button.

Third Step: Enter NTN and provide CNIC and Mobile Phone No for following validations; a) Email associated with NTN is required to be active for verification through One Time Password (OTP) and forwarding Login Credentials. b) Mobile number registered with selected CNIC will be verified through Pakistan Mobile Number Portability Database (PMD) and required for two factor authentication. (Note: Mobile numbers registered in a Company name cannot be used for PSW subscription).

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Fourth step: Deposit non-refundable subscription fee, through system generated Payment Slip ID (PSID).

Fifth Step: Authentication and verification of subscriber will be performed through OTP sent on entered mobile phone number and Email address registered with FBR.

Sixth Step: Your Biometric verification is needed to complete subscription. Visit your nearest NADRA e-Sahulat franchise for biometric verification.

Seventh Step: After successful biometric verification a link will be sent to your registered email address with the UID (user ID) after which you can create your unique password to access the PSW Portal.

What you will need to Subscribe ?

1- Google Chrome Browser.

2- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later

3- An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE3 capable To use PSW Portal on Mac®, you will need:

4- Google Chrome Browser

5- OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later

‘Pakistan Single Window’ Subscription Requirements:

a)- Updated FBR data: Email address and CNIC will be fetched/verified from FBR database against NTN. The subscriber must have updated all required details in the FBR database and should be able to access the email address for correspondence/OTP retrieval.

b)- Mobile Number Ownership: Subscriber shall be required to provide Mobile Number which must be registered with the provided CNIC. Mobile number ownership will be verified from PMD. Mobile number should be accessible to subscriber for correspondence/OTP retrieval.

c)- Biometric Verification: Subscriber shall be required to have biometric verification done to obtain subscription. Biometric verification can be done only for the CNIC that is provided by the Subscriber. The CNIC holder will visit the nearest NADRA E-sahulat Markaz with their CNIC and Application ID (provided by PSW system during subscription process explained ahead).

d)- Incorporated Companies: The data of directors of a company will be fetched from SECP/FBR database and any one of the directors will need to perform the required actions for obtaining subscription. He / She will undertake mobile phone ownership and biometric verification. They will receive correspondence/OTPs on the Email address available in SECP/FBR database and Mobile number registered in their own name.

Salient Features of Pakistan Single Window (PSW) Subscription

Scope: Subscription Process caters to NTN holders, FTN holders, Non-NTN\Non-FTN holders enabling them performance of cross border trade related activities.

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Real time data validation/KYC: This subscription process is 100% automated through real time integrations with FBR, SECP, NADRA and PMD.

Paper/contact less processing: Subscription application will be auto processed, and User ID will be issued by the system through completely eliminating paper and physical appearance.

E Payment: The subscription Fee shall be paid online through 1Link using ADC.

Authenticity of Subscriber: Subscriber authenticity shall be ensured through Biometric verification from NADRA and mobile number ownership through PMD.

Benefits of Subscribing to PSW

Ease of doing Business: The subscribers will no longer have to submit 22 paper documents which are currently submitted to obtain registration for performing cross border trade.

Cost of doing business: The subscribers will have to pay cost of only Rs. 500/- eliminating completely all overheads required for manual preparation and processing of registration file.

Time saving: The average 10 days time currently required will be reduced to a few minutes.

Value added benefits: The subscribers will be able to avail PSW features like single declaration, EIF/EFE elimination, auto routing of regulatory requirements, etc.

Resume Subscription to ‘Pakistan single Window’ Portal

In case you have closed your subscription application for making payment or biometric verification, you can use your provided Application ID to resume application from the last saved state. There are four states from where your application can be resumed:

1- If payment voucher is generated, you will be redirected to payment process page for payment.

2- If payment is made, you will be redirected to subscription information page for Mobile number and OTP verification.

3- If OTP is verified and Biometric Verification is pending, you will be redirected to biometric status screen.

4- If biometric is verified, you will be redirected to the biometric status screen where your biometric status has been updated. After Biometric Verification, a link to create your password with UID will be sent on your registered email.

Step by step procedure to Register in Pakistan Single window (PSW) as a Customs Clearing Agent:

i. To register as a Customs Agent, log in into PSW portal using your subscription ID and password.

ii. After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Registration dashboard.

iii. To register as Customs Agent, click the ‘Customs Agent’ button.

iv. After clicking the ‘Customs Agent’ button, the Customs Agent Registration form will appear.

v. Select Business Name and Business Address, enter License Number and Click the ‘Validate’ button.

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vi. After successful validation of License number, upload required documents and click the ‘Submit’ button. (Note: You must submit an Authority Letter if the business has multiple Directors/Partners).

vii. After successful registration as a Customs Agent, the above options will appear on your dashboard.

Step by step Procedure to Register in Pakistan Single window (PSW) as a ‘Trader’:

i. To register with Customs as a Trader, login in to PSW portal using your subscription ID and password.

ii. After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Registration dashboard.

iii. To register as Trader, click on the ‘Trader’ button.

iv. After clicking on the ‘Trader’ button, the Trader Registration form will appear. Select Business Name, Business Address, and User sub type (i.e., Commercial or Non-Commercial). Upload required documents and click the ‘Submit’ button. (Note: You must submit an Authority Letter if the business has multiple Directors/Partners).

v. After successful registration as Trader, above options will appear on your dashboard.

Obligations of Pakistan Single Window (PSW):

1- PSW will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the security of any information input by the Subscriber or information used by the Subscriber in connection with the “PSW System”.

2- The subscriber shall be entitled to all the functions and privileges available to them in the UID and no authority shall deprive them from transacting activities related to cross-border trade except in accordance with the law.

3- PSW will make endeavors to ensure that the “PSW System” remains available for the “Subscriber” round the clock for the entire period of subscription. It will make all possible efforts to restore services in the shortest time possible in case of any disruption or non-availability of services.

Obligations of the Subscriber to the ‘ Pakistan Single window’

1- The Subscriber must read and accept the PSW Subscription Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). A full list of the T&Cs can be found here: https://www.psw.gov.pk/app/subscription

2- The Subscriber will assume responsibility for any unauthorized use of their CNIC, NTN, bank account numbers, SIM card numbers, biometric verifications or any other particulars required by the PSW or its allied components for subscription, role association and further use of the system. The Subscriber is responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.

3- The Subscriber is fully responsible for all activities that occur in the “PSW System” under the UIDs provided to them by PSW. The Subscriber will ensure that such UIDs are kept confidential and treated in a secure manner. In case of any breach, of security with respect to such UIDs or to the use of the “PSW System,” the subscribers will notify PSW System immediately.

4- The Subscriber shall not allow any unauthorized access to PSW systems utilizing their password.

5- The subscriber shall ensure that correct information is provided at the time of subscription. Any incorrect information provided by the subscriber at the time of subscription will not be validated from the concerned authorities and UID will not be issued in such case.

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