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State Bank of Pakistan maintained the Monetary Policy rate for the next two months

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Monetary Policy Committee on Friday maintained the policy rate at 7% for the next two months.

State Bank of Pakistan Governor Dr. Raza Baqir said that the MPC observed the annual inflation rate. According to him, Inflation rate predicted from 7 to 9%. Baqir said that due to changes in electricity prices and international oil prices, there may be some changes in the projection but it will be temporary so the MPC decided not to make adjustments in interest rates.

In addition, the MPC maintained that there is no pressure on inflation from demand. As our potential not fully utilized, and stability in inflation forecast. The MPC is of the view that the situation has improved since last year as the COVD-19 epidemic has caused many difficulties, however, we have not yet seen the expected improvement.

“It is very important that monetary policy at this time sends a message of stability,” the SBP chief said.

Dr Raza Baqir | Governor State Bank of Pakistan |

Baqir said that in order to improve the current account, the SBP decided to free up the exchange rate from May to June 2019. “They said. Baqir said that compared to other emerging economies, Pakistan’s economy and the flexible foreign exchange offered by the central government successful in combating COVID-19 epidemics. The MPC noted that since the last meeting in November, there has been some facilitation in domestic recovery. Most economic activity data and consumer and business sentiment indicators have continued to improve. As a result, the current growth rate projected to increase slightly from 2% in FY21.

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