Saturday, 20 April 2024
Cellular Companies revised rates of call and data packages

Cellular Mobile Companies Increased Rates of Call and Data Packages

Cellular mobile companies have once again increased the rates of call and data packages (Internet Packages) due to massive inflation in the country.

Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone), Jazz and Telenor have all increased rates of different call packages and data packages.

Jazz Tariff

According to the company, the tariff of weekly Youtube & Social has been revised from Rs. 115 to Rs. 120 with effect from June 23. The tariff of the weekly WhatsApp offer has been revised from Rs. 21 to Rs. 23 with effect from June 23.

Ufone Tariff

As per the revised rates, the price of UPower will be revised upward from Rs. 100 to Rs. 120. However, the price hike comes with additional resources in the form of 1,000 SMS in the All In One (Option 1) Variant with effect from June 29, 2022. The price of Super Card Plus which is currently available for Rs. 649 has been revised upward to Rs. 699 with no additional resources with effect from June 29, 2022.

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The current price of Super Card Gold is Rs. 999 which is being revised upward to Rs. 1,099. However, the addition of 100 Off-Net Minutes and 2GB Main Volume, and 2 GB Social Volume (1 GB FB and 1 GB WA) would be available to customers with effect from June 29, 2022.

Telenor Tariff

Prices of Telenor bundles have been revised upward. The price of Easy Card 500 has been revised to Rs. 550 with effect from June 22, 2022. The price of EasyCard 650 will be revised to Rs. 700 with effect from June 29, 2022. The price of Monthly Social Pack Plus will be revised to Rs. 100 with effect from June 29.

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