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10 Online business ideas that make good money
Business Ideas in Pakistan

10 Online Business Ideas that Make Good Money

It is a period to start a startup business. People in post-Coronavirus time are now preferring to start their businesses instead of doing jobs from 9 to 5. Exactly, business is always on the top because a person having a skill can do many things independently and join hands with their employees. This means, an entrepreneur also creates jobs for their employees and a developing country can grow at a tremendous speed.

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Why Start an Online Business?

It is an era of the digital world, where people are doing their jobs from their homes. A lot of online work opportunities are in front of skilled people. Online business opportunities have changed the whole professional world. Skilled and professional people are doing their online businesses and it has become the country’s biggest sector. Countries need foreign exchange and online business is one that provides employment and as well as brings foreign remittances to the country.

Governments of the world are also offering tax credits and tax exemptions to IT and IT-enabled service providers. In Pakistan, the IT sector and IT export services were exempted from tax previously up to the tax year 2025. Now, in Pakistan, the tax exemption regime has been shifted to tax credits with some conditions. Those who do not fulfill the conditions have to pay a reduced rate of Income Tax @1% under section 154A of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

What Types of Online Businesses make the most money?

Online Businesses are highly rewarding professions. If you are interested in making money, you are at the right article to read. We will give here you a list of the 10 most highly paid online professions. You have to learn that skills and start a start-up business. Let us read out these:

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Start a Business of Blogging

Blogging Business to earn a good money online. 10 Online Business Ideas that Make Good Money.

If you have an interest in reading and writing then blogging business ideas is for you. Blogging is the art of content writing on any topic which you like. The best way is to choose a topic of interest and then launch a website. The website name should be in resemblance to a niche that you have selected.

Once you own a website, then start publishing content on your website/blog. Once you have published enough content then you can apply for monetization of your website/blog, like from Google AdSense, etc. Unique content is necessary because google monetizes only those blogs which have unique content and is not plagiarized.

Business Idea of Creating and Selling Online Courses

Online courses business to make a good money online. 10 Online Business Ideas that Make Good Money.

If you have any particular skill then you can create video content with slides and offer it to interested learners at cost. You can publish your website to offer the course. Alternatively, you can sell it on some online platforms where you can register yourself and offer the services.

At online platforms, you have tools that assist you to sell your content which are easy-to-manage tools for classes.

One thing is to remember, that creating content for online courses is not a business but your online course is your product. It’s not your entire business. An online course business has many other areas as well like:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Customer Retention
  • Networking
  • Content Marketing
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Sales
  • Affiliates
  • Advertising

Online and e-Commerce Store

Can you imagine that selling a product was not an easy thing before? Now, you can sell your product in minutes online and in e-commerce stores.

These online products can vary from physical goods to digital downloads like eBooks, music, software, and more. Here are some tips to start an online store business:

  • Search a niche with high demand and minimum competition
  • Make online / e-commerce site
  • Prepare the cost model involved in getting products from the whole seller to the final consumer
  • Now you have to prepare cost-benefit analysis of your product
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Build a Subscription Website

When you have premium content on your website then you can offer it to your readers to take paid membership/subscriptions. There are many types of membership websites. Some membership websites give users access to members-only content. Other opportunities give users access to community features like a forum or a Facebook group.

You will need to have a niche for your membership/subscription website. You must consider that subscription needs that your website should be a valuable thing for users to pay for it.

A WordPress membership website is a big opportunity for those who want to build a subscription website. Beginners can learn from YouTube and google how they can use it.

Prepare a Drop shipping Website

If you miss your product for online selling then a drop shipping website is another way. In dropshipping, you need to place other products on your website. You charge a commission once the product is sold via your website. You will be running an online store without having an inventory or shipping.

The biggest advantage of running a drop shipping startup is:

  • easy to enter the business,
  • Least need of investment,
  • hassle free way to earn money

Business Idea of Online Job Board

Another way of making money online is to connect job seekers with employers for a smaller amount of fee. You can offer your online job portal for all types of skilled persons. Alternatively, you can work in a particular niche and offer job opportunities related to that skill area only.

Job seekers upload their resumes on the job portal and the employer is charged for using the online job board. Once that platform works then growth in this online business idea is largely expected. Because, if job seekers and employers are getting an advantage then it provides a platform for making online money.

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There are plenty of plugins available on WordPress which you can use to run your own job board business.

Start a Business of SEO Specialist

SEO a business to make a good money online. 10 Online Business Ideas that Make Good Money.

Some business ideas mentioned above need a skill that will grow the traffic of your website or online product-selling store. This skill is known as SEO, and search engine optimization. Here, your website is made technically strong that which increases your web traffic. Because, if your website lake with the latest trends then it will not be on top search results on search engines, like google.

So, if someone searches for your service or online product and you are not on the first page then there are minimum chances that you will get customers. So, to grow your business you need this skill, and SEO experts can earn a lot and make good money. Further, you can provide this service through your website, or social platforms.

Become a Website Developer to Make Good Money

Nowadays everyone finds a website platform to get customers and offer services. So, you can also become a website developer, and make good money. You can use the WordPress platform for the development of the websites. More than 40% of websites in this world are developed through WordPress.

You can do this as a freelancer or a full-time business by making a development agency. For this purpose, you will need to learn PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. There are many books, online courses, and WordPress Tutorials that will assist you to get started.

Graphic Designer to Make Good Money Online

Graphic designers make online money by creating images, business logos, and website designs. It is a big industry nowadays for online work seekers. To become a graphic designer, you will need to learn how professional design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc

You can sell your skills via websites, Apps, and social media platforms.

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Become a Content Writer

Businesses need websites to promote their services and products. These platforms are full of content. This is the reason that content creator is always in demand.

You should have good knowledge, reading, and writing skills. As a freelancer, you can offer your services at,, and on many other platforms. You can also start your content creator agency to offer services.

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