Friday, 19 August 2022

Value of Diyat in Pakistan for Financial Year 2021-2022

The federal government declared an amount of Rs. 4.261 million as compensation (diyat) for the current financial year 2021-22.

The declaration is part of “Qisas and Diyat” Ordinance 1990. Diyat in Islamic law is the financial compensation paid to the victim or legal heirs of the victim in the case of murder or bodily harm or property damage. It is an alternative punishment for Qisas (retribution).

The Ministry of Finance has communicated with the State Bank of Pakistan and the Secretary Law and Justice division about the declaration of the diyat amount for the fiscal year 2021-22.

The government has declared Rs. 4.261 million, to be the value of thirty thousand six hundred and thirty (30,630) grams of silver for the financial year 2021-2022 for the purpose of diyat.

The diyat amount is Rs. 1.48 million more than the amount of 2020-21. The government had declared Rs. 2.77 million compensation amount in 2020-21.

Diyat means financial compensation that victim or heirs of a victim receives. The compensation may be paid in the cases of murder, bodily harm, or damage to property.

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