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Photo shopped fake version of FBR Website

Photo shopped fake version of FBR Website

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday clarified that no extension will be given for the filing of income tax returns after October 15, 2021. The tax authority’s reaction comes after a video went viral on social media where a clip from the website of the revenue board can be seen showing an extension has been granted till 2050.

A 26-second video shows a ticker with the extended rate running on the website of the FBR. The ticker read: “Due to system failure, the last date to file income tax returns is 30th September 2050.”

However, the tax collection body was quick to notice the spread of the fake news. Taking to its official Twitter handle, the board said: “FBR has categorically condemned and strongly rebutted malicious in intent and misleading in content a photoshopped version of the interface of FBR official website, displaying a ticker with [the] date of returns filing extended up to 2050.”

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has categorically rebutted malicious in intent and misleading in content a photo shopped version of the interface of FBR official website, displaying a ticker with date of returns filing extended up to 2050. This is fake news being circulated on social media by some irresponsible elements which is strongly condemned.”

Extension in filing annual income tax returns 2021

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday extended the date for filing income tax returns for individuals and companies to October 15, 2021. Earlier, the FBR had said it would not extend the deadline for people seeking to file their income tax returns.

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However, keeping in view the demand of the business community and the technical issues faced by the tax filers, the board has extended the last date of filing income tax returns. The new deadline to file income tax returns is October 15, 2021 according to circular issued by FBR.

No more extension after 15th October 2021 for filing tax returns 2021

It is further reaffirmed by FBR that the extension given on September 30 was only due to the fact that FBR’s IT System got overloaded and since that has been fixed now, no more extension will be allowed beyond October 15, 2021.

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