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How to Renew Driving License Renewal in Lahore Punjab

How to Renew Lahore Driving License

Having a valid driving license is basically a public responsibility. The process of getting driving license renewal for the residents of Lahore is now very easy now.

We will guide you on how to renew Lahore driving license with required documents and fee for different types of vehicles.

Apply for Driving License and it’s renewal through Digital System of Punjab DLIMS

Renew Lahore driving license

Thanks to Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), you can now apply for the license through the very convenient Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) that works for all parts of Punjab.

Applying for the renewal of a driving license in Lahore does not require taking any theoretical or practical driving tests except for some particular documents.

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Process to Renew Lahore Driving License – Online

These are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Visit the DLIMS website.
  2. Download the required form from the download section.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Submit the required documents to the nearest licensing center.
  5. Receive your new driving license on the mentioned date.

Required Documents to Renew Lahore Driving License

  • Application form enclosed in a file cover. This is the form E that is available on the DLIMS website.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Two copies of your CNIC (valid).
  • Original driving license.
  • The fee ticket, as mentioned in the license document.
  • Medical reports.
  • Ticket of the relevant license.

How much is Driving License Renewal Fee

Driving Licenses are renewed for a period of five years. Different vehicles have different fees. Following is the list of fees for each type of vehicle.

Sr. No.CategoryIssuance Fee (for 5 years)
1.MotorcycleRs. 500
2.CarRs. 750
3.Delivery VanRs. 280
4.TR. ComRs. 500
5.TR. AgriRs. 250
6.LTVRs. 750
7.HTVRs. 1,000
8.Road RulerRs. 500
9.Loco MotoRs. 660
10.Invalid CarriageRs. 100
11.Motorcycle and CarRs. 750
12.Motorcycle and LTVRs. 750
13.Motorcycle and RickshawRs. 450
14.Motor Cab and RickshawRs. 450
15.HTV and PSVRs. 1,000


  • The renewal of a driving license within a month of its expiry is free of cost.
  • Renewal within one to three months of expiry has a 50 percent fine.
  • If the renewal is done within three months to one year, the applicant is charged the full renewal fee.
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How to do License Renewal at License Centers

You can get your license renewal in all the cities of Punjab, including in Lahore, by visiting their driving license centers or the Police Khidmat Markaz, the locations of centers can be find on the Punjab driving license centers page.

Submit the same documents with the form which are as follows:

  • A medical report.
  • A copy of your valid NIC.
  • Application form E in a file cover.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • A ticket for the relevant license.
  • Original driving license.

Note: The above mentioned renewal fees for this process are applicable at the driving centers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

If I am out of Country then Can I get my Pakistani driving license renewed?

Yes, you can apply for the driving license renewal online. Visit the DLIMS website. Follow the above procedure and get your license renewed from wherever you are.

Is the driving license renewal process applicable all over Punjab?

You can get your driving license renewal from wherever you live in Punjab through the process explained above. You must have all the required documents.

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Can I renew Lahore Driving License before its expiry date?

Yes, you should get it renewed after you receive a notification for it. You will probably receive the notification a month before the expiry date of your license. Get your license renewed within a week if you are applying online.

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