How to Reset and Recover FBR IRIS Password with Mobile Number

How to Reset and recover FBR IRIS Password With Mobile Number

After the e-filing of Income Tax Return method for the taxpayers introduced by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). A new problem has been experienced by some taxpayers that either taxpayer forgets his / her password of FBR (IRIS) account or if their registration particulars (FBR Iris Password) is with their tax consultant.

For salary and business individuals, FBR has helped out the registration and password retrieval procedure, while without visiting FBR local office you can reset your ID password for your FBR (IRIS) account.

There are five steps involved to reset and recover your FBR (IRIS) account Password:

1st Step – Go to FBR Maloomat TaxRay Portal

2nd Step – Click the “Forgot password” option

3rd Step – Fill the required information

4th Step – Enter the verification code

5th Step – Set the new Password

What required for retrieving password:

  • Cell / Mobile number in the name of taxpayer at which your account is registered (the one which can be seen through NTN ONLINE INQUIRY.

Step by Step Procedure for retrieving FBR IRIS Password:

  • 3rd Step – Now a new dialogue box will appear.
Forget Password Box
  • 4th Step – After filling in the required information in the above dialogue box
  • 5th Step – click the submit button
  • 6th Step – and now wait for the six-digit verification code from FBR. which will be sent to your cell number.
forget password on FBR Maloomat Portal sms
  • 7th Step – fill the 6 digit code that you received on your cell number in the SMS Code Field and click the “verify” button
  • 8th Step – and now you will have “New password” dialogue box appeared before you.
  • 9th Step – Now you can enter “New Password” in the dialogue box a per the required format and remember it for further use.
forget password on FBR Maloomat Portal New Password

Note: Keep your new password with this format: alphanumeric and with lower and upper case letters e.g. Abc#1 it will be more safe and easy to remember.

However, If you have any problem with resetting the FBR Iris Password, you don’t have to worry just go to your RTO with your original CNIC and at the help desk, the representative of RTO (FBR) will reset your password on your new provided email and number.

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