Let entrepreneurs work from parks !


Epidemics and lock downs affect people financially and more importantly mentally.

During the lock down business, businesswomen and business people left to work from home. While working from home can save money as well as take care of family. But, It brings limitations and mental complications.

Among others, the government allowed people to go to parks to exercise with certain restrictions. The move paved the way for people to get out of their places and into open parks to help people maintain their mental state.

Despite all the changes that have affected by Pandemic, a new change can have a huge positive impact, especially on Entrepreneurs and other business people, if they can work with #OpenParks.

Local councils make appropriate arrangements for hosting places with tables, electricity, and internet. These facilities if provided at some reasonable amount on the on the first come first bases. Each user will use their own computer, laptop, telephone and accessories.

Such a new approach will come with some issues with the launch of a new service. Solutions will be considered and implemented to achieve larger goals.

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