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Last Date to file tax returns and extended office timings of FBR and Banks

Last date to file income tax returns and extended timings of FBR and Banks

Notification of FBR for Collection of Duty & Taxes on 15th October, 2021, C.No. 1(137) STM/2017/16485/R

“I am directed to refer to the subject and to state that all LT0s/MT0/
CTOs/RTOs shall remain open and observe extended working hours till 12:00
midnight on Friday, 15thOctober, 2021
, to facilitate the taxpayers in payment of
duties & taxes and filing of Income Tax Returns for the TV 2021

The Chief Commissioners-IR are requested to establish liaison with State
Bath of Pakistan and authorized branches of National Bank of Pakistan to ensure
transfer of tax collection by these branches to the respective branches of State
Bank of Pakistan
on the same date to account for the same towards the collection
for the month of October 2021 as per State Bank of Pakistan‘s letter dated


Pursuant to FBR‘s request for opening of banks’ branches for’ extended hours on 15° October, 2021 and same day settlement of tax collections, following instructions, regarding observance of banking hours on 15° October, 2021 are issued for compliance to facilitate the taxpayers:-

The SBP-BSC offices and NBP branches (A, B and C category) shall observe extended banking hours till 08:00 PM on I5th October 2021, respectively for collection of government taxes and duties through manual mode as well as ADCs mode at Over-the-Counter (OTC) facility.
ii. In order to ensure same day settlement of tax collections on 15th October 2021, following special clearing and settlement will be arranged through M/s NIFT and I Link:-
a, M/s N1FT shall arrange special clearing at 06:00 PM on 15″ October, 2021 for same day clearing of payment instruments.
b, M/s 1Link shall arrange to provide the settlement batch of transactions executed through ADCs platform till 10:00 PM on 15th October, 2021 to the SDP for settlement in government accounts.
NBP branches shall settle their transactions of 15th October 2921, with respective SBP-BSC field offices / head office latest by 10:00 PM same day i.e. 15° October, 2021.
Further, in order to eliminate the issue of spillover of tax receipts, NBP shall ensure that no instrument concerning government receipts, lodged in aforesaid office hours, shall remain unattended at any NBP branch and shall be settled in the value date of 15th October, 2021 through special clearing.

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