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Tax Card and Tax rates for tax year 2022

Tax Card for Tax Year 2022 Download Online PDF

Tax Card for Tax Year 2022 Download Online PDF

Tax Card for Tax Year 2022 Download Online PDF. The Tax Rates for a particular tax year is very important when we perform any calculation. Some Tax rates may change every year after the announcement of the Finance Act / Budget for a particular tax year.

This is the reason that caution is taken while performing any calculation. Here we have given tax cards / & important tax rates for the tax year 2022.

Purpose / Uses of Tax Card, Tax Rates

You can easily download it here and can use it for your tax calculations. Tax cards / tax rates can be used for many purposes like:

  • Calculation of tax on Salary
  • Deduction of tax on suppliers payment
  • deduction of tax on service providers payment
  • Withholding tax deduction while we pay to commission agent
  • When we file tax return and prepare tax working & tax computation
  • Calculation of tax on bank profits
  • Tax Computation on business taxable profits
  • Calculation of Minimum Tax
  • Deduction of final tax
  • Tax on Gain on Disposal of securities
  • at the time of sale / purchase of immovable properties
  • Calculation of tax on Purchase of car
  • Gain tax calculation on sale of immovable properties
  • Tax Calculation on Rental income of property rented out
  • Rate of tax on import of mobile phones under section 148
  • Calculation of tax on monthly electricity Bills
  • Tax on Mobile Phone usage and internet service usage
  • Tax on educational expenses paid
  • Tax Reduction under Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Tax Credits under Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • List of Adjustable / Advance Income Tax
  • Tax Rates on Registration of Motor Vehicles / Cars
Tax Rates and tax card for tax year 2022. Tax Card for Tax Year 2022 Download Online PDF.

Download Tax Rates / Tax Card – Tax Year 2022

You can easily download here tax card for the tax year 2022.

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