32A Challan form Download Online in Word format and PDF | Get Challan form No 32 A

32A Challan form Download Online in PDF and Word Format

32A Challan Form is used to deposit the Govt of Pakistan fee, taxes and duties. The challan form 32a and 32-A challan form has 2 copies filled by deposit persons. 1 copy is for bank and 2nd copy is for the customer. 32-A challan amount is deposited in State Bank of Pakistan & National Bank of Pakistan only. The amount of depositing through 32-A challan form goes to Govt of Pakistan treasury.

How to fill up challan Form 32A

The challan form 32a is so easy to fill up. Here you will find some tips which help you to fill up this 32-A challan form easily.

Step 1: By Whom Tendered ?

In this column (By whom tendering) a person whom money is returning to Govt treasury. The person who is depositing money must be named in this column very clearly.

Step 2: Name & Address on Behalf Money is Paid

In this 2nd column office address should be written in which person is working. The address of related person should be mentioned very clearly in this 2nd column.

Step 3: Full Particulars

In this column 3 detail of recovery, nature of depositing the amount to Govt treasure. Suppose recovery of salary, Govt fee, it means subject should be written in this column of challan form no. 32-A.

Step 4: Amount

In this column amount should be written by tendered / person.

Step 5: Head of Account

Head of an account is the most important thing. The Head of Account must be written very clearly. The nature of recovery of the Govt fee head of accounts are different. If a Govt employee should return the overpayment to Govt Treasure, he/she must fill this column with CO-2814 (that is the recovery of the overpayment) account.

Step 6: order to the Bank:

This column is related to the National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan. You can download a new challan form 32a pdf and Doc format free download here.

Step 7: Signatures

Below you will find the Signature of depositing person for challan form 32A.

32A form Online Download

Free online download 32A Challan form from Here.

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