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No Representation Without Taxation

No representation without taxation

No voting right without payment of taxes

Adviser to the Prime Minister over Finance Shaukat Tarin on Monday emphasized at linking right to representation and vote to payment of taxes, saying that the Government has the right to collect taxes.

Income estimation at 88% accuracy rate

People should forget tax evasion as the government had all their data of every citizen and with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), income of every individual could be estimated at 88 per cent accuracy rate, Mr Tarin made it clear while addressing Kamyab Jawan Convention.

No representation without taxation

“German finance minister during my previous tenure had met me. She said [there should be] no representation without taxation, [meaning thereby] if you don’t pay taxes you have no right to representation, to vote. Simple. And, friend, this is very straight. You may say the government doesn’t provide anything, it collects taxes and doesn’t provide any facilities that’s why we don’t pay taxes. Many people say this. You use roads, you use electricity, you use everything, many people don’t even pay electricity bills. The very fact that law and order, the army that defends your borders, police and others, where will this money come from, friend. I mean to say forget that there would be no tax. Yes, but we will simplify it.

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No withholding tax and turnover tax

“Only two types of taxes will be collected income tax and consumption tax that you call GST. All other taxes such as withholding tax, turnover tax and all other such taxes will be abolished within three to four years till I am in office,” he said.

Third Party audit with no harassment

The adviser said nobody would be harassed as any dispute between a taxpayer and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) would be evaluated through a third-party audit.

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